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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 1, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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breaking news this friday. six baltimore officers arrested. the driver of the police van charged with murder. and the prosecutor, why she made this decision. breaking news after the massic traffic jam. and the never before seen home videos from chris kyle. the staredown before the big
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fight. and who is our person of the week? good evening. we begin this friday night with the breaking developments from baltimore. six officers charged, the driver of the police van charged with murder. coming on the air, protesters on the streets, many of them marching to the jaily where the officers are being jailed. and the national guardsman and that handshake, a major shift from earlier this week. and all eyes on this prosecutor she's from a police family. sitting down with us. jim avila leads us off from baltimore tonight.
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>> reporter: good evening, this as the union circulates a letter protesting the police officers' arrest. freddie gray, who died in police custody, committed no crime, but today, to cheers, baltimore's top law enforcement officer announced the six cops who arrested him did. >> mr. gray's death was a homicide. which we received today, as led us to believe we have probable cause to file charges. >> reporter: marilyn mosby accusing the officers of committing a range of crimes from official misconduct to manslaughter, charging them of mistreating freddy gray in three specific ways. arresting him without probable cause, the knife was in his pocket and not illegal, driving him to the police station, legs shackled, hands cuffed, but no seat belt. and third, waiting to provide medical assistance. even when he asked for help and then after he became unresponsive, the officers did not call paramedics or offer first aid.
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the prosecutor saying freddie gray suffered the fatal wounds inside the van. the officer who drove the van, today, charged with second degree murder. the 35-year-old top prosecutor, on the job just four months, today taking on the silent blue line that critics say too often protects bad cops. >> to the people of baltimore and demonstrators across america, i heard your call for no justice, no peace. >> reporter: but she also addressed the police force. >> these accusations of these six officers are not an indictment on the entire force. i come from five generations of law enforcement. my father was an officer. my mother was an officer. >> reporter: no comment from the six officers, but the police union asked the state's attorney to pull out of the case and turn it over to a special prosecutor citing "very deep concerns about the many conflicts of interest."
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>> we believe the actions taken today are a rush to judgment. >> reporter: but in an interview with mosby late today, she told me her office will not give up the case. >> my job as prosecutor is to uphold the law and apply justice equally to those with and without a badge. >> reporter: late today, freddie gray's family asking protesters to keep it peaceful. the curfew will last through the weekend. >> jim, thank you. as word of the arrests went out, celebrations on the streets of baltimore and across the country. an explosion of social media, 434,000 tweets nearly 5,000 per minute at one point. and new questions about rough rides. tonight, tonight, pierre thomas takes us
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inside a van very much like one that carried freddie gray. >> reporter: this is the type of police van freddie gray was riding in the day he sustained those fatal injuries. it's essentially a metal can with hard edges and bolts. it's divided by a floor to ceiling barrier, creating two long, narrow cells with a metal bench and seat belts. so called "rough rides" in these police wagons have apparently been used over the years by rogue cops across the country, to punish prisoners. shackled and handcuffed, but not secured by seat belts, prisoners can be bounced around like pinballs by an aggressive driver careening through the city. chrissy abbet is a librarian at johns hopkins university who says she barely survived one of those rough rides. >> it was horrifying. we were bumping around. i couldn't hold on to anything. it was just really scary. >> reporter: she had been arrested under a noise violation
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violation. charges dropped. it's been a long-standing problem in baltimore. david, you have to ask the question why didn't they strap in freddie gray? and in washington, inside a popular tourist spot a glock left behind in a bathroom by a security guard. and it turns out it's not the first time. jonathan karl now. >> reporter: that shocking image in the newspaper roll call -- a loaded glock left jammed in a toilet seat cover holder in a capitol visitors center bathroom. but it gets worse. there have been three separate incidents since january confirmed by abc news where fully loaded handguns belonging to capitol hill police officers have been left unattended on capitol grounds.
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the most shocking -- on march 24th, a child found a loaded gun without a safety left near speaker boehner's office. abc news caught up with speaker boehner, who only learned of the incident today, and asked him about it, but -- >> no comment. >> reporter: and just two weeks ago, another loaded glock was found by a janitor in the capitol police headquarters. the idea of loose guns floating around on the capitol is especially disturbing considering there are about 3 million visitors a year here. the capitol police would not comment on any of the specifics but said that any security lapse is thoroughly investigated. thank you. and now to the breaking news of bridge gate in new jersey. the gw bridge in new york city prosecutors claiming it was political retribution. two former chris christie aides
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indicted. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: today federal prosecutors declared this iconic bridge became that traffic nightmare because of a conspiracy by three former top appointees of new jersey governor chris christie, accusing them of orchestrating four days of misery for hundreds of thousands of commuters. >> 10-4. we're getting calls from irate motorists. >> paramedics were notified. >> reporter: this morning david wildstein, one of those former christie appointees and a former high school classmate of the governor's pleaded guilty. >> he and others orchestrated a deliberate and illegal scheme to punish mark sokolich, the mayor of ft. lee, for not endorsing governor christie's reelection. >> reporter: wildstein said he conspired with two top christie appointees including deputy chief of staff bridget kelly accused of sending him that infamous email, "time for traffic problems in ft. lee."
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both saying they're not guilty. >> with regard to the charges that have been brought against me let me make something very clear, i am not guilty of these charges. >> reporter: but nowhere in today's indictments is governor christie said to have known of the plot. on twitter, he responded, today's charges make clear that what i've said from day one is true. i had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act. david, this scandal has taken a toll on governor christie. before he was considered a presidential prospect but no more. and the search in nepal, stunning new images tonight. a british climber capturing the moment the earth shook. >> what do we do? stay down. >> running for cover, the snow
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engulfing them. all of them survived. the death toll more than 6,000. we move to an abc news exclusive. robin roberts with the images no one has ever seen before of chris kyle and what his wife is now saying of who is to blame. >> reporter: taya kyle wants to introduce america to the other side of her husband chris, the war hero we've all seen in the movie "american sniper." she has written a book, "american wife." in these never before seen home videos, chris talks to his son bubba the night before his third deployment. >> come here, bubba. when i'm gone, you can look at the tape. >> reporter: little did anybody
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know that time would come so soon, and when he was back home. we drove with taya to the gun range where her husband, who survived so many battles, was murdered by a former u.s. marine he was trying to help. for him to lose his life in that manner has to just -- you must look to the heavens and go like, "are you kidding me?" >> yeah. >> reporter: didn't even have a chance. >> right. and i guess when i try to comfort myself, i think, if god had gone to chris and said, "hey, if i can take your life, i'll inspire a lot of people. are you willing? i feel like he probably would have said yes, you know? >> and robin is with us now. after all this time, who does she hold accountable? >> taya does not blame the v.a.
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or the claim about ptsd. puts the blame squarely on him. says there are a lot of people that come back from war traumatized, but they don't commit murder. >> and you can see the entire interview on a special edition of "20/20," here at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and mayweather, pacquiao. many of us saw the staredown. the loser could leave the ring with $100 million. t.j. holmes in las vegas tonight. >> reporter: toe-to-toe, 5 years in the making -- in one corner floyd "money" mayweather, the lightning fast hard hitting man many love to hate flamboyant and known for his lavish spending. in the other, manny "pac man" pacquiao, the street kid from the philippines turned champion. finally getting to rumble in what could be the highest grossing boxing match of all time.
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up to $400 million by some estimates. with a 60/40 split over the purse, mayweather could make at least $180 million, and pacquiao $100 million, the largest paydays ever for a professional athlete. record numbers expected to watch on pay per view including millions in pacquiao's native philippines, where the electric company is begging everyone to conserve energy to prevent power outages. but the hottest ticket of course is ringside where a-list stars are expected to take in the spectacle. some of the seats on the secondary market are going for up to $350,000. that is not a joke. and of course there's the betting, what's the biggest wager so far? >> half a million dollars on manny pacquiao. >> reporter: just to win? >> just to win. >> reporter: not since tyson holyfield or ali/foreman in the legendary rumble in the jungle has the anticipation for a fight been this electric. this is just the weigh-in. 10,000 people showed up.
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and they sold tickets to a weigh-in. that's unprecedented in modern boxing. >> t.j. thank you. tonight, we remember an american original. singer benny king. it was an iconic song even before the movie, "stand by me." ♪ darling stand by me ♪ ♪ oh stand by me ♪ >> he was best known for that song, and those three words, stand by me. one of the most popular r and b songs ever recorded. originally recorded for the drifters. but it turns out, they didn't want "stand by me."
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he didn't record it until later, when he went solo. he was born in north carolina moved to new york city at 9. discovered in his father's harlem diner. years later, describing the moment he recorded the song with tears in his eyes when it ended. he said he had tears in his eyes. still much more ahead on "world news tonight." the deadly fall at the grand canyon. the tourist plunging about 400 feet. new details coming in. and the parking garage collapse at the famous water gate complex. and not a bad day at the office for this group. how much will each of them go home with after hitting the lottery? i hope everyone contributed. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves.
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work week. hitting the jackpot worth $58 million. gio benitez tonight on the lucky 16. >> reporter: tonight, 16 smiling faces with that mega cash-out. the newly branded "lucky 16," biopharmaceutical employees in manhattan, joining together week after week for those famous office pools. and then, the march 24th mega millions drawing. >> and the gold mega ball tonight is 12. >> reporter: a perfect match for the $58 million jackpot. each employee contributing four bucks a week since 2010. that's an investment of about $1,000, for quite a return. and get this, we're just blocks away from the empire state building. the winning ticket was bought inside this building, the same place where the lucky 16 work. office pools are no doubt exciting, but they can be complicated. jenn maldanado didn't have the cash the week her group won, but they gave her a cut of the winnings anyway. >> i was shrieking, yelling calling them. >> reporter: but winning doesn't bring out the generosity in
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everyone. this mcdonald's employee says her winning ticket was separate from the office pool. claimed the jackpot was all hers, then said she lost her ticket. the coworkers ended up suing her. >> it's confusing. >> reporter: back in new york city, each one now an overnight millionaire. gio benitez, abc news. when we come back the labor day tradition that has been cancelled. and the collapse at the watergate complex. and the deadly fall at the grand canyon details after the break. rd to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... doctor: symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function.
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a tourist plummeting 400 feet to his death on thursday. there is an investigation under way tonight. and the word after 60 years, the muscular dystrophy telethon is ending. and when we come barkck this little guy sharing big news. this is a story you should see before you start the weekend. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military
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week. the story of a little boy and the college student that never met until this week. but already, a bond unbreakable. his beautiful rosy cheeks. little james straits from houston, texas. at 19 months old, diagnosed with acute leukemia. even for a strong little batman, they're told a bone marrow transplant would be his only hope for a cure. a trooper the whole way, doctors searching, and through the gift of life registry, a match. a young woman from san francisco, now a student at boston college. and when she hears she's a match, she begins a journal. >> i cannot imagine walking around the rest of my life knowing that i now have a "little brother." i want to meet him so terribly much. >> reporter: at first, she knew so little. >> he has already come to mean so much to me even though we've never met. a 2-year-old boy. that's all they have told me. >> reporter: little james had the bone marrow transplant nearly a year and a half ago now, and this week, at the boston 5k walk for life, 22-year-old kayla waiting to meet him. there he was, two families, now one.
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while she has a lot to learn about his sense of humor she already knows he's a fighter. running that extra lap. james, now 4, in complete remission. and it turns out kayla is not alone. michelle donated too and helped save ava. and lance, whose donation helped save little kate. tonight, the be the match foundation and gift of life reminding us that young people their marrow donations often offer the greatest chance at success. which is why james is still smiling tonight. and so are we. and so we choose everyone who donates to help save a life. we'll see you monday. good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a telecommunications technician from greenville, south carolina... a stay-at-home parent from rochester, new york... and our returning champion -- a chef from steamboat springs, colorado... whose 6-day cash winnings total...


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